In life, we hope. We hope to feel the care of our world. To some of us, the hope is so important, because it has just become all in life.

What is Post card, Post care?

Post card, Post care is a charity fund-raising campaign dedicated to pass on people’s care to others. Post card, Post care is now inviting you to participate, to send your care to people who need it, whom you love or whom you have never met before.

This time, Post card, Post care aims to,

First, raise fund to buy necessities for more than 100 old people to sustain in this coming winter;

Second, let people feel the care through receiving postcard from people around them.

How Post card, Post care works?

The work of Post card, Post care, includes two parts.

First, Post card, Post care team ("We") collect the scenery photos along our itinerary, make them into postcards for charity sale, and send postcards to people appointed by the donator.

Second, we hand the money, income from the sale with the cost of postcard deducted, to Daming Catholic Church (also known as Social Service Center). They will purchase quilt, oil, rice, flour, firewood, and other necessities in winter, and hand the items directly to the selected old people.

How is the situation these old people have?

“We started to pay attention to the life of old people who live alone and disabled people since 2006. It is hard to imagine their situation without going to the countryside. They are neglected by the society. Here is their situation. Most of them have no descendant, have deprived of ability to work by age, and are taking care by nobody. Their clothes just can’t protect themselves from cold. Their food just can’t suffice basic need.

“How did I find these people?

“In the winter of 2006, a sister told me that an old man in her village went blind. He can’t cook by himself. He always forgot to put the cooker on the fire after he made a fire. He managed to get some water by great effort, but pour the water on the fire instead of into the cooker because of blindness. He really can’t make a living. After I heard this, I managed to have the old man cured his cataract. When I accompanied him home after surgery, I found a clay platform but no quilt in his old house, which he had lived for 10 years. I asked: where is your quilt?

“He said: the quilt I brought to the surgery is the only one.

“How do you live in winter?

“Just like this.

“Were you cold?

“Yes, but there’s no way out of it.

“He slept with all clothes on in winter.

“What does he need most??

“Cotton clothes and shoes, quilts, rice, flour, oil, coal.”

---- Wang, Aixiu, Daming Catholic Church (Social Service Center)

An old lady with her two blind sons.

An old man live with his mentally disorder son.

This is an old man. Behind him is his living space.

Every winter could possibly be their last winter without any help from others. You can click here to get more information of aided old people in 2008. (Only Chinese Version rendered)

How to donate?

The following ways of donation are supported by Post card, Post care. You can find detailed account information in the Postcard and Donation Information Form.

• Cash

• Alipay

• Chinese bank remittance (You will be charged according to banks' charging standards.)

• Money transfer by Western Union (Fee for money transfer in Western Union is different in countries. Please contact local Western Union for more information.)

• Paypal (Donating by Paypal is applicable only for donator with US bank accounts and donation in USD.)

What are the postcards for sale?

6 patterns of postcards shown under are for selection. An expert photographer and traveler Mingkai Li sponsors all the photos, which were shot in Tibet and Xinjiang. You can view postcards of high resolution the by clicking on the photo below.

318 national highway near Dhingri and Himalayas Pass

What is the price for postcards?

In this charity sale, the price for one postcard is RMB10, RMB20, RMB50, RMB100, RMB500, RMB1000, RMB5000, and RMB10000. You can decide which price to pay according to the amount of donation and quantity of postcard to purchase. The minimum price is 10RMB/pc for domestic postcards (places within China) and 20RMB/pc for overseas postcards (places outside China).

Statements of Post card, Post care

• All the income from this campaign, with the cost of postcard deducted, will be handed to Daming Catholic Church (Social Service Center). The fund will be used to purchase quilt, oil, rice, flour, firewood and other necessities in winter. All the items will be handed directly to those old people. (The cost is 3RMB/pc for domestic postcard and 6.7RMB/pc for overseas postcard.)

• The financial record for this campaign is open to public. Donators will receive email with the financial report after the campaign. Information of donation and fund usage will be included in financial report.

• At the time postcards are made, and postcards are sent, we will take photos and send them to each donator by email. We take no responsibility if the postcard may be missing after sent. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

• The income is calculated by the amount we actually receive. Charges of cash remittance or exchange loss will not be included.

• We will not release personal information, with name and amount of donation excluded, to any individual or organization other than post offices and publisher.


Post card, Post care team